Ghog hunting


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First push through,Viva brand paper towel wrapped round a 7mm brush. Haven't ever seen this kind of,what appears to be dry carbon? Not complaining, just sayin. 20180412_121941_resized.jpg


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Two swipes,bore is spotless.Gotta say,this rig has never seen a JB outside of the factory.Got almost 100 CB's down it now.Still breaking in?


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I'd think about buffer if @90%...head check your pressure headroom first, buffer will boost the pressure considerably even in the gentle '06 neck. You should be able to take that bullet all the way to compressed load pressure-wise, but it will be 28-2900 fps by then. To keep velocity down a bit you can sub buffer for powder and get the pressure up at higher level for good burn while keeping gas volume down for more realistic velocity (25-2600) and have the bonus of protecting the bullet.


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OK,49.5 really started to work. Loaded up 6.First was a fouler.... next 4 went into 1/2"",#5 wanged.But,I'm just grabbin bullets giving them a stupid quick once over visual and then seating GC.Hand lubing and stuffing them in the case.


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The way you're going, you just might. Looks like you hammered it right on a node at 49.5. Oddly.....another 2400 fps dead-ringer. Hmmmm.


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My experience with tuned loads in "pencil" brrls is,you get 5 shots,make the best of them.

Wind has picked up....shooting is suspended.Got equipment to load,hittin the rd this afternoon.All's good though,taking a hotrod longbow.Drop off a big jointer($$$).Chill at a friend's house,shoot bows tomorrow night (more $$,side betting).Then work the weekend outta town.Wife is a keynote speaker at some hotchit symposium so ..... she don't care?

Gives me time to think on today's test N tune.Out,BW


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that's powder fouling.
it just hazes the barrel making it look fuzzy, now that fouling becomes your residual lube for the next shot rather than a hazed over wax.
the trick is finding just the right amount of oil to keep the barrel a titch almost moist without leaving wax behind but not too much oil to gum up the powder fouling.
the gas filling the barrel helps keep the haze consistent and the bullet just keeps pushing it out if it is kept soft.

hopefully that made sense.
but you can see why a dripping wet star is not a desirable condition.


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OK,49.5 IMR4350,all things same except just a small tuft of dacron, ruined a 5 shot group.Whole group wanged... and this coming from a guy who really likes dacron fillers. That was yesterday,bummed me out thinking previous efforts may have been a statistical issue.So back to no filler 49.5.

Today,5 shots as fast as I can load/shoot/jack/repeat.First 3 cloverleafed in the X,cold bore.#4 opened group to an inch,#5 wanged to open group up to 1 1/2".

So,ice the dacron,49.5,and rip 3 shot groups.Will continue over the next few days confirming,and dialing in dope,and looking for Mr Ghog.

Thankyou,thankyou,for the help guys!


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BTW,these weren't weighed bullets.Uniflow drops litteraly within two/three individual grains(of powder)on a Lyman M5.... confirmed with several,take off,repeat pan placements.


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I'd be happy getting a couple of powders to drop within 3 grains in some of my measures.

I have a lee that has dropped 24.8 grs of that long stick imr 4198 since about 1989 or 1991 [shrug]
I have never adjusted it, it has been through 4 moves and never even got wiped out when new.
I just dumped the powder in and weighed it and that's where it went.
no bumping or tapping just fill and pour and bam 24.8.
unfortunately I don't use 4198 all that much, but there it is.

now if I could find a measure other than the electric dispenser that would drop rl-19 within a half grain I would be stoked.
7 measures sitting there not one of them is even close.

now the Dacron blowing up the groups is an indicator.
I would maybe drop back to 48 or 48.5grs and try again, Dacron generally settles things down but it does replace some of the powder so your 49.5 gr load was acting more like a 50.5 to 51.0gr load.
your on an accuracy node it's just dancing around it finding the most consistent version now.


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Fiver,I freaking missed opening day of turkey season cause of plain ole stupidity.....

So,for the short term,vaporization of varmints,all's good.... well for me,not so much for them?

Got some chores to do then I'm hitting the woods baby!And to get all sappy,there's quite the brain trust on this site,thank you's kinda don't do justice?


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you can thank me all you want but you gotta do the work unless you wanna send me the rifle....LOL
I'm sure I could come up with something and give it some field trials before sending it back.

our turkey season should be opening soon too.
unfortunately the turkeys have it marked on their calendar and head down to the back yards and pastures of the non hunters or are right in town and become pets for the next 2 months then move off to the hills until October [when the fall season opens] before heading off to the wilds for the winter again.

your either covered in turkeys or your not around here.


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Well now,crochy walmenut and stainless fluted brrls are good for most rifle guys but,some folks just can't do Remington,irrespective of how easy they are to tune..... not anybody we know?

I will say,this CDL has the slimmest in width,forearm I've seen in a good while? Plenty "tall" ,just slim sideways.Got a 1/2 hr of mowing to do then heading to the river.


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Seeing that really narrow band where it works makes me think your alloy may be a little soft. I get the same kind of thing with HV rifle loads using softer alloy, like 50-50 heat treated WW/pure-ish scrap. There's a certain point that it works and above/below that it won't work at all because the bullet metal is getting bumped either not enough or too much for the alignment and flow it needs.

Dacron.....I don't use it for anything substantial. If I think I need a filler I use buffer, otherwise you have a big, heavy column of slow powder pushing that fluffy stuff and acting like a dead-blow hammer on the bullet base.


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it does wad it up under the base of the bullet.
BUT, if your going to take fairly steep angling shots and not just shoot off a bench it is the way to go.
a buffer is useful for the same thing if you have a case nearly full of powder and can put a bit of pressure on the buffer agent it's actually the more favorable method.

one more benefit of the Dacron here could be the bore scrubbing with the dry shooting lube.
it could also be the cause of the flyers earlier.[yeah the no free lunch thing again]
dang it BW more shooting..


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:headscratch:Did not know ground hogs can climb trees. Was siting on the back porch, yesterday, @ 4 PM and Chuckie came out of the food plot and into Cindy's butterfly/humming bird garden. Grabbed a mouthful of vegetation, while I was contemplating going inside, opening the safe and getting out the 357 carbine. While I was deciding, he went on alert, turned and scampered up the nearest good size tree. I lost sight of him at about 8-10 feet up. Large cedar was in front of the oak, he climbed. Don't know what spooked him. Thought maybe a coyote, but nothing showed. What part of ground doesn't he understand?
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I had no idea that a fox, a member of the K-9 family, could climb trees either until I saw one do it.