it's weekend time again.

I have stolen this to share with the world !

I got to thinking about things on the way home from the Hardware store today and come to the realization that no matter how much they sing and whistle while they work, 6 out of 7 dwarfs are still not Happy.


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time for my weekend observation.

hey when Y'all take your stuff on Vacation double check it's actually in the truck before you hurry home.

I seen more stuff along the highway today just outside [within 5 miles] tourist town than you'd believe.
3 boots? [still puzzled over these] a tennis shoe, a single flip-flop, a blanket, a pillow on the other side of the road about 2 miles away, a battery box cover, the spare tire cover from an RV, two different trailers with blown tires [both tires on one trailer] a guy carrying a kayak [dunno where he was goin with it] a pile of firewood [stacked up nicely] on the bridge over the river BTW, a trailer leveling jack-stand, a 6 pack of beer still with the plastic holder on them [run over flat, I bet someone got a surprise] a propane tank [someone was running back for that already] and a few other things I can't recall.