it's weekend time again.


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okay I kind of let last weekend float with the early addition.

so I'm gonna make up for it with a little rant.

what in the hell is the deal with boat sellers?
'call for quote', give us your e-mail,, and we will let you in on the secret price unless you sound like a moron then we jack it up more?
I have been researching boats and Motors for the last few days and I can find only 1 [one/uno/ein/un] company that tells you how much their boats will be with freight and such and even where to find one.
[yeah one is all I could find that I wanted]
nobody else wil even give you a clue and some act like you ain't good enough to even look at their website.
you just want a simple semi nice fishing boat? no live well.. pfft well ours is 96 gallons and round at the corners.
here look at this olive drab john boat you can put your flotation device down as a seat cushion, it even has oar locks...yeay!!!

Motors are the same way.
it's a damn secret how much a motor costs, unless it's like 2 horsepower.
free shipping, free returns, straight to your door... no flippin problem.
how much they cost... yeah,, no... sorry.
oh wait did you want a propeller with that?
warranty? yeah we got those.......... if you haul your motor and boat over to the nearest dealership so they can screw down 2 bolts and hook up 2 wires and charge you 200 dollars..
or you can drive the 1800 miles to our store so you can see we don't have what you want [even though the website shows we do] and maybe the ignorant dick behind the counter might try and look up the price for what you do want.
unless he is trying to see the new girl up at the reception desk area.
he might come visit you on the show room floor if you have a suit on and are looking at one of their [starting at] 190-K 3,000 hp. jet drive cabin cruisers.
but he ain't leaving from behind that desk otherwise.


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I held back a little bit.
I'm gonna say Tracker boats is the only one where you can go to their website and look at what they offer as a base model, or add stuff onto a boat and they will give you a straight up no BS price with freight and prep added in to the total.
that's all I want, just tell me what stuff costs.
I can decide whether to buy it or wait a little longer, get a slightly smaller one, upgrade or whatever.
it doesn't have to be 22-K for one guy and 24-K for another because he can't google stuff as good as the first one.


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Fiver, that's like all the ads on truckpaper. Picture of tractor or trailer, but it says call where the price is supposed to be.
I know what a 98 fld looks like, I want to see if the asking price is in the ballpark. I sure don't want to call for a price so a salesman can waste my time trying to convince me to buy it. Grrr...


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that's almost the exact one I have been looking at.
the one I see listed down in Utah is the super guide, it just has the motor upgrade from the one I have been checking out.
no big deal it's like 1-G more for the upgrade, and maybe 200$ more than what the factory say's it should be.


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your close but that's out of my price range for a boat.
once you consider the trackers come with the stuff you have to add to the others right from the get go, they are actually a good value.
you can pretty much take them from the dealer to the lake after a stop at the gas station and put in a days fishing.


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you can pretty much take them from the dealer to the lake after a stop at the gas station
:eek::eek: Say what? Lamar, simply tell the dealer that you leave there with fuel tank full or the deal is off. Pretty simple and it works with cars, trucks AND boats.


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gas is the least of the stop at the station.
I was going to take the wife out when our boat had problems a while back.
it's probably a good thing we didn't get out on the water, she had packed about 4 days worth of food and drinks for a 3 hour fishing trip.
I don't know what was in the other bag of stuff she had, let alone the biggest tackle box we own [not hers but she brought it anyway] 3 poles and an umbrella.
I had my normal little zippered cooler bag with 2 soda's and a powerade, my 10$ 14" tackle box, and the 2 poles I keep in the boat.
I was planning on stopping at the taco truck on the way home if it was open.

I think she was planning on sitting on the seat and I was supposed lower everything in place around her.
The last time I went out in that big puddle called the Pacific something, I was the first to start chumming. Which got everyone else doing handstands on the railing. I didn't think it would affect me so much because I had a little 12 foot aluminum boat I went out in pretty much every week.
I did limit out though. Love those cod.
Not the most exciting fishing, ya gotta use a 2 or 3 pound lead ball to get to the bottom (lots of current) feels like your pulling up an old tire till you can see what you got.
If it's a ling cod the deck hand beats the crap out of it till its head is mush, (they have big teeth) freeks out lots of people.
Don't ever go fishing down in the sea of Cortez. You'll have so much fun, no other fishing will compare.


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it wouldn't take 3 hours to walk from one end to the other of the three main lakes I fish.
probably just over 3 hours to walk all three of them combined.


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man I been slacking on this thread.
I meant to put in a thought this weekend but I was pouring cement, setting fence posts, and hanging fence, on Saturday.
then half sleeping on the couch on Sunday.

I put a minimal amount of thought into this one, so I hope Y'all like it.
I got to thinking about things on the way home from the Hardware store today and come to the realization that no matter how much they sing and whistle while they work, 6 out of 7 dwarfs are still not Happy.