it's weekend time again.


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Effe a bunch of spiders,have been bit twice crawling around under old buildings.... should be dead.One was a 1790- sumthin house,crawl space.The other was an 180? Episcopal church the T.J. used to frequent.

But one time when the kids were little,the middle boys prolly 7,8ish? The whole lot of them are doing something,and one starts screaming bloody murder.So I go and see what the dang fuss is. Can't even remember who and what but,one of the middle boys has his front permanent tooth relocated,hanging on by a thread.

I see it and start panicking to the extreme. Thinking rushing him to the hospital or whatever? Wife is now concerned,everyone hollering,blood,accusations....yadayada.She hears some of it then as calm as I've ever seen her,grabs him...... grabs the tooth,and shoves it back in place.Shruggs her shoulders and tells them to knock it off. I'm still freaking out.

Tooth took holt,grew back fine.... to the point that I can't remember who's it was?Still gives me the willys.


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so I waited till Monday for this since I had help and nothing for them to do over the weekend.
I did get some decently cooked Duck out of the deal though.

anyway just an observation about the area here.
we were at the county Fair and parade for a bit Saturday and their entertainment for the night was "Monster trucks'.
not the ones you see on the TV, think more like patched together demolition derby type homebuilt units, but big and loud enough the kids got a kick out of them.

well before the start of the event they have the obligatory national anthem and then a prayer.
this doesn't just include the people inside the arena, the entire fair shuts down for both the anthem and for the prayer.
not by signal nor by announcement.
everyone hears it start and stops and faces towards the flag inside the arena.
now,,, they can't see in the arena [they can't even see the flag, but everyone knows where it is]
and then they bow their heads for the prayer and participate as if they were part of the crowd inside.

I could put some thoughts together on this that could lead in a couple of directions, but I tend to just let it sit as a community of like minded people.
Going to Flaming Gorge for the weekend. Spend one day shooting prairie dogs and coyotes , one day fishing and one day doing what ever we decide to do.
Went north from lucerne boat ramp up to buckboard boat ramp and fished down to the pipe line. didn't get any crawdads but did get this one and some more. Kokanee were biting good so we worked on them of a while.
The other person is my oldest son and is girlfriend.
Never did get out shooting. Too dry. 20180811_131742_1534031478141_001.jpg 20180811_172242.jpg


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those fish are in good shape, must be plenty of forage for them.

it's been ridiculously hot here recently, and yet I was out in the shed checking that the fitting I made to blow out the sprinkler systems was where it's supposed to be, and trying to decide when I need to go get some fire wood.
the hornets are building their nests up high on the south and eastern eaves of the house, that's usually a sign of a wet cold winter.
now if they could only tell us if it's going to start in September or December.


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well I went down shooting and to the Lowes today like it seems I do every Sunday.
I was gonna do an observation of some of the trees turning a bit yellow already and a debate whether they are heat stressed, or Iron deficient [like I think my one apple tree is]

but then I got through the Lowes and was coming home when I realized I had got to thinking about figuring out how to make the front steps roll back up on the porch and forgot the sack with the screws and hinges I was planning on using to make that happen at the check-out counter.
luckily they found it sitting there and are holding it for me until tomorrow.

but first they wanted to know if I had my receipt, umm no it's in the sack with my stuff.
there is also X and X and X and X on the receipt, I just forgot the sack sitting there while I was getting everything else on the push cart.

I guess I will make another trip down tomorrow and get the cement I didn't get today.


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well it's Friday,,, close enough and it leaves me time for maybe another one.

anyway I got to thinking about the wizard of OZ.
now as I recall Dorothy flew to OZ in her house on a tornado [magically not puking from spinning around in circles]
but then taps her ruby slippers to get home. [and what happened to her other shoes?]
she is miles and miles away from the house at the time of the shoe tapping, but manages to wake up back at home in her bed.
so does someone want to explain the whole thing about how her house got back where it started [unscathed after being torn up by a tornado] and how she got back in it?
then maybe how their yard is all nice and fixed up again.
or how she got to keep the stupid magic shoes if it was just a dream.


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so does someone want to explain the whole thing about how her house got back where it started [unscathed after being torn up by a tornado] and how she got back in it?
Yes, easy to explain all that. Very simply that someone has far too much time on their hands and obviously not nearly enough honey do's. See? Simple!


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Dorothy was ahead of her time.
She was sleeping off a weeklong bender on meth. Weird dreams ain't no big thing.


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no it wouldn't.
that stuff just heightens your awareness and alters the speed at which you see and then process things, that's why people see tracers or skipped images on it.

the dream thing would have to have come from the Poppies, or from some tainted rye bread.


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Maybe it wasn't a dream? Maybe she hallucinated that she was dreaming?

How old was Dorothy? Could be a sign of the onset of schizophrenia. If late teens to early 20s the age is right.