Major Weather Weirdness


Redlands, Kalifornistan
Get this, y'all--Marie was just skimming through her web pages and saw that Ridgecrest P.D. has broadcast a winter storm warning, commencing Wednesday night. In mid-May. In the desert. In California. Considerable rain is inbound for us in Redlands too, starting Thursday and continuing through Tuesday. These events are unusual in the extreme.
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California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
For us on the Central Coast the weird rain event will be a nice break from the seasonal overcast, or what I call the June Gloom. (It starts in May and runs till sometime in September, but June Gloom kind'a rhymes.) The rain's only downside is that our get-out-of-Dodge idea have been nixed.

All the week's necessary work is done, so come on rain . . .


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don't feel too bad.
the weather channel and the NWS can't agree on what our weather is gonna be from day to day..


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As a weather observer in sailing, offshore fishing and private flying since about '62 I have
learned a bit about the weather. Here is the sum of my acquired weather wisdom of over half
a century, including flying through a bunch of it.

"The weather varies. A lot."

Going much past that is to say more than you know. Pilots call them "weather guessers" for a reason.

Hope that that winter storm doesn't do some bad things. Is it 'weird' or dangerous weather, Al?



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It's freezing cold here....

Sure,I got health issues but still..... it's low 40's in the a.m. what are you gonna do running the GSXR 750 on DOT race rubber?


I remember one snow and one flash flood while I was at ridgecrest 66 to 69, the flood floated my little vw across an intersection, the snow was gone by noon



California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
Had an un-scheduled morning rain, but the afternoon sun is drying things out. The scheduled rain is still on for late afternoon/early evening.


West Central AR
I was there for the 1968 snow storm and remember it being a big deal , I was 2ish . Living in that desert , mostly 3 miles out Brown road I remember many flash floods and never seeing any rain and hardly a cloud .
This whole getting more feet of rain than inches for most of life is kind of weird .


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Overnight lows in the high 30s and low 40s up until tonight here in NW Indiana. Moist weather means the lower level of my split-level gets cold and dank unless purged. All this means I am still lighting the woodstove overnight. It works, but really, this is the second week of May...


Redlands, Kalifornistan
Bret--BOLO for a parcel via FedEx. Its contents will be 2 weeks-worth of used cat litter. I usually save that for the porch pirates, but we need to commemorate your remark appropriately--so the material will be re-purposed and diverted. Enjoy.

Nah, shouldn't be "bad", it's just strange as h--l to get substantial rain this time of year, and 2'-3' of snow in the Sierras in mid-May is WAY unusual.

Of course--I have blood draws and allergy shots tomorrow that cannot be missed. What fun.


St Lawrence river valley, NY
I have a theory on "weather" that I think bears discussion. It's pretty simple- "We don't know that we don't know what we don't know." People have only been keeping weather records to any degree over the last 100-150 years. Anything before the 20th century was often in the form of anecdotal evidence from journals and diaries, or some of the few newspaper accounts of the day. We don't know what changes have actually occurred over the long run. Ice core samples and geological digs, tree rings and all that is fine for generalities. But we don't know if 2019 is getting more rain in a certain area than in 1619 or 1119. We think in terms of our lifetimes, maybe our parents and grandparents too, but mostly it's what we think of as "normal". That's what? 20-30 years? Stretch it out to 50 or 60 years and it's still not even a pin prick in the calender of Old Mudder Erff. People, especially today, seem to think their surroundings should remain absolutely static from year to year. I don't know whether to put that down to a simple lack of insight or to hubris and arrogance. The Sahara was once lush grasslands and forests...


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as was the desert southwest of the united states, and the Nile area of Egypt what? 2-3,000 years ago.

we are in a pretty normal weather pattern for here.
this time of year and again in the late fall we catch 2 separate weather patterns.
one from the lower Pacific, and one that sweeps down from Alaska way.
we might get one right behind the other [which is what is happening now] so the temps go up for the time of the year only to crash slightly below normal for the time of year and we get snow [up here and above]right behind some 70* days, and the threat of a tornado just because of the wind directions in our valleys.
pretty common for the end of May start of June, and again in November.