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Well, I'll find out how this stuff I ordered works when it comes.

But, I'll be out of commission for a while. Tomorrow starts the one week countdown to
knee replacement. I expect that THAT will have my pretty much undivided attention for
quite a while.:oops::eek:


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Hard to say Bill. They will not want you sitting around too much. Just be damn careful on stairs, falling with the new knee is highly frowned upon.


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What Brad says! Some Dr's like their Knee Replacement pts. to be up and on the "new Knee" the evening of their Surgery.
Good luck with the procedure and remember we're all rooting for ya.


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I have used Smokes jet black to dry tumble and they turn out just fine. You should be good to go Bill. Flat colors don’t like the dry tumble method.


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You will be up and into PT after the recovery room - so said my knee doc - I haven't gone there yet. Jet black works fine, only 'problem' I had was if it goes on thick it seems to have small globs/bumps, doesn't flow smooth like red. It shot fine but I was trying for 'best' HV accuracy and stayed with the red. Didn't mean to mis-lead anyone.


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They tell me I will be walking on it later the same day. Early morning surgery, late afternoon
standing and maybe walking. Lots of PT is scheduled, and I will be doing all they recommend,
and I suspect it will be time consuming and tiring and likely won't feel like doing a lot afterwards.

Thanks for the kind words. Another adventure. :rolleyes:

Short stairs to negotiate, will be super careful. Seriously thinking that sitting and single
butt-stepping down and up at first may be the safest. Will see how stable it is, have
railings on all of them, and damned sure will be using the railings. Stairs to the front porch,
stairs up to the bedroom. But each is only about 6 steps, so not long, full story, just
split level stuff. But loading room is in the basement, too cluttered for a walker so will
just have to wait for a while. The PA said I would need a walker "for a few days" and then a
cane " for a few days". I suspect it varies a lot. Since my other knee is 100% good, and I am
in good general shape, I hope this will help. I know a lot of folks have one totally shot knee
and one 70-80% shot knee, so the "good one" isn't as able to compensate well. Hope my good, normal
knee can help me work through it better. This is due to an old accident which damaged one
knee, not the more usual "just wore out" which gets both roughly the same. Lots of unknowns.

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Butt scooting down stairs isn’t a bad idea until healed enough to be stable.
I have a feeling you will be fine Bill. You strike me as a guy who will do as told and if anything push the envelope,


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I spent an hour with a good friend who is a Physical Therapist, and she does it for some patients
of the same doc as will be doing mine. I was tickled when she said that "His knees
always bend really well, great choice for a doc". Been doing some pre-surgery exercises that
she recommended, and WILL be doing all that they say, and any more that they will let me. I am
smart enough that when they say "don't", I won't, and when they say "do", I will. They have
been through this a lot of times, and I have not. I am trying for the best outcome and trying
to make up stuff on the fly is not a good way to get there.
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A walker will be your good friend for a few days, then a cane will suffice till you are decide that it's no longer needed.


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Best of luck with the knee Bill.
Stuff like this can seem scary, but they have done so many and gotten it down pat, so that it's almost drive thru surgery now.


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Hope you are right, Hawk. I do know that two docs and a physical therapist who I have told
which surgeon is doing it were very complimentary on the choice, so that makes me feel better.
And my discussions with the surgeon were good, and his PA seems really competent and helpful,
too. Overall, it looks good going in. I hope that it all works out.


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i have watched a few people go through the replacement up close and personal.
the physical therapy is where you make or break the Docs work, a little extra 'homework' helps, but you need to let your body heal too.


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My PT friend says that not overdoing it in the first few days is important. You can irritate it to the point
that you slow down things. I have to keep that in mind and be sure to listen to the therapists and
not try to overdo and rush things. Apparently the pain is knocked down by the spinal block for a good
bit for two or three days and it is easy to think "hey this is fine, no pain, gotta make progress, push, push" - she warned
me not to get too greedy too early.

Apparently, after 4 or 5 days, the pain is the real gauge, but early on, spinal and pain pills can be
deceptive, let you do too much. Forewarned is forearmed.
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yeah it seemed like the second week is when the PT's started getting aggressive and stretching things to the limit.


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I posted earlier about my BIL.
He has had both knees replaced.
Said it was the best decisions he has ever made. Virtually pain free now.


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Good luck with your surgery, Bill!
Most people undergoing replacement of large joints, get almost a new life- pain free. Best of luck!

And, come to think of it, a little vigorious shaking and baking can probably be good for your recovery :)


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Thanks, guys. I'll report occasionally. My only question is because I am not in pain minute to minute
which seems to be the real driver for most whose problem is just 'worn out' joint. Mine was an accident,
a serious fracture and the technology 50 years ago couldn't get it precisely aligned again, so it wore
out from misalignment. Now, I am not complaining, it was a bad accident and I got good use for almost
50 years, but this makes it somewhat different than many. I have use issues that are pushing me, not
constant pain, so it is a bit easier to just lay back and do less, relatively pain free - but I don't WANT
to do less, so that is the goal. I want to be able to hike and ride my bike again, and now the bike is
a no go, the joint sorta locks up at certain points, and hiking with any weight for more than a short
period gets really painful. The doc said those were very realistic goals. matter how much I am convinced and WILL do it, there is a little worry in the back of my
mind. Doing nothing is the safe way, but I'm not going to listen to that.

Actually, since I won't be able to mow, I will have some more time. Maybe time for shake and bake,
like Spindrift says.



Not so weird. You can make $150-300 per hour, if you learn it.

Think of it as "subtractive color theory". What & how much of the colors you want are missing from the color you have. That's how I dye bleached/discolored areas on carpets & fabrics. Makes cheerleader for life clients if you get good at it. Nobody has asked to dye bullets yet.
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Your first PT will be to make sure they did the surgery right, didn't leave any sponges in there and remind you that you CAN walk! Dad went to the doc, who asked what his goal was. Dad said 'play more golf', he was virtually bone on bone. Doc asked how he could do that, dad asked if he'd ever heard the word 'desire'. Anyway, we're rooting for you but don't plan on joining the Rugby team yet.
BYW, saw 15th hr of LeMan - how do thier brakes last? Go into the twisty, full power, jam the pedal and down shift. No pops from the tailpipes like they used to have. Guess they figured out how to tune the FI.
Oh, just got back from a talk by Iwo Jima flamethrower operator/survivor. Interesting and really surprised by the number of gals there. He runs a feed the vets (~250/day) place in Ft Worth.
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Man, don't take the mystery out of it, I like some things to remain in the mystic realm of Magic and Sorcery only understood by people way smarter than me. :)

My dad would certainly agree with what people will pay you for understanding color theory, he even teaches a couple classes on it for the graphic design majors. As for me, I just pick a purty color that the professional experts have worked out, pay my money, and enjoy the end product just like consumers of abatement services do.