so waht ya doin today?


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Neither did I. I did spread some NaCl. I fed the birds, fed the cats, and went to work.
Kinda weird driving at night as the snow really reflects the lights.


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The snow on the trees is a sign of how wet and heavy it was. Lots of trees down around me. That kind of snow is very bad for trees.


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hoarse frost is what we get here.
it's just the moisture in the air freezing and clinging to anything it finds.
if our trees make it through the first year of that we got it made, it even play's hell on anything metal inside a shed that's not heated if the humidity gets up to about 45% or so before the cold hits like that.
My town of 900 (less actually) has a diner/store/bait shop and another bait shop. In the summer you can get a church dinner once a month and in the other 3 seasons they have a Thursday lunch. 13 miles away you can get McD's or gas station subway and there are 2 restaurants and a TSC. Oh, and 2 pizza joints. 25 miles the other way and it's Walmart and the same food. This ain't NYC!

Yesterday was spent coughing mostly. I'm beat. Got hay out, stupid Christmas tree won't stand up straight no matter what I do, but the barn water is still working, so I guess that's a win. Hydraulic cylinders for the little crawler are shot. Shop says previous owner must have run mostly water in them. Not salvageable. Blower motor on the F350 is back to one speed, again! Was burying some water line coming out of a pump house, hit a soft spot/hole with the Bobcat and tipped the whole machine into building. Pushed a section of wall in a couple inches, drat! Nothing busted, but it doesn't make me happy. Oldest boy wants to hit muzzle loader late deer but danged if I can find my powder measure or capper. Had to research my way around that, but he's set. Today looks like another Dr's appt for one of the kids, need wood in the house and trying to figure out how many lambs I have to go to market...and coughing.
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Ours last weekend started as plain old rain that changed to snow. Never got the freezing rain really. Just a nice 1” layer of slush under 4-5” of wet, heavy snow. Not very fun to shovel at all.
Interesting reading..... the Bush clan are hanging out at the Blair house in DC this week. When you look into it,more appropriately should be the Blair-Lee house. The interviews with some of the Bush "crew" are being carried out in this joint. I'm a touch green with envy... a little, been/worked in cooler digs,yadayada. But here's one to put in the ole pipe and smoke it...... in the early '80's,with historic preservation work in full swing,least here in the mid Atlantic.... the federal guvment "drops" 9 1/2 million and another 5 from private donations for the Blair-Lee resto. That's some serious 1980 cake right there. They do have some nice furniture,too bad there's always someone obscuring the view of it.... doh.
The rain should commence here shortly, and is supposed to continue off-and-on for 36 hours. Amounts might trigger mudflows in the numerous burn areas of the mountains, but we should be unaffected by that around our place. Marie and I were able to get out and see some sights yesterday around the Salton Sea, and the cloud formations seen throughout the trip said "RAIN" without a doubt.
Brett, the best thing I have found to keep blower motors running well is regular filter replacement.
We don't get much snow here, had 2 " twice but it's melted. I shoved off five storms last year. Wind moves it or thaws it. Right now it's 9 F with a N wind. When the front moves through we'll go back to 30's for highs, teens and twenty's for lows. This has really made some ice so we'll see about fishing this weekend.
Our town of 1200 in the 5 mile radius has two bars, one with good food,twelve churches, two diners closed after 3 and two fast food places, Subway adn KFC/A&W. Decent restaurants 25 miles south, 14 miles east, 30 miles W is Butte with a bunch of choices.
Ian,there's an extremely simple/elegant "bushing" that is maybe a 10 minute job on a lathe...... she'll accept pert near anything you want to mount? This set is an old Japanese made Jet set.

I had a Jet 19" DP that was a freeby from a semi defunct furniture shop. They had mangled the "rack" part of the spindle.... lost or wanged? the retaining nut and trashed the threads on the end of the pinion part of the handle.... and a cpl other "did I do that" ooops.

Took me a cpl days and got it welded/machined back to serviceable. Got on fleabay and found an early,NOS Jet mortise bit set. I used this whole thing for a cpl years,never completely satisfied with it. Traded the DP and beer money for the Wallace. Not gonna say the guy didn't know what it was..... but,he had zero business with it. And he was peeing his pants over the Jet 19....... which makes NO sense? I'll hold my tongue on the opinion of Jet DP's because some folks love them. Anyway, the "bits" are actually very nice..... turned the corresponding bushing and off to the races. Original paint,motor,cord.... it's a total loss oiling system so keep it wet with Mobile 1 and kerchunk,make a square hole.