so waht ya doin today?


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She just got brought out so waiting for her to wake up so we can go home.
Found nothing , this may be a Muscular nerve, problem. She had polio as a child, so....She has had issues with other parts of her body deciding not to work right before then straightening up. Hopefully this follows, suit.


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Flu shot today ...then afterword, Delivered a whole pile of Chili Peppers to a new start up Soul Food restaurant in Scranton!
All my life I lived in this area and all there are, are Dinners and Italian Restaurants! No Diversity! Recently we seen come and go....Indian, Caribbean , & Greek restaurants They were fantastic.... I love trying new foods.....but They do not last in this area.
Since we are nearing frost temperatures in this area ( 38 deg last night) I was getting worries I would look a lot of peppers I made them up a large basket of mostly Grenada Seasoning chills, New Mex Hatch and Aleppo Chills ....... Took them to the restaurant and gifted the basket to them.
They were speechless and very grateful. I was very happy that some one could use them!


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Took Ms to Ft Smith today to get her carple tunnel fixed in the wrist with no carples .
All went as planned , home safe and dry .
They hacked a bunch of arthritis and calcium deposits out from around the nerves . Supposed to fix the numb tingle aches . Just Incase you needed to have something to make you say owwie !
Fused wrist knocked of the shell on that big knob there . Cow stomped that one .

Good times she's real quiet when she's medicated .


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I ain't no doctor, but I have looked at a lot of messed up X-rays.
I can see some arthritis up in the fingers, as well as that bone that should have been fused some better in the wrist area.
I can also see why she was in getting more work done now,,,, and probably more in the future.


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well,,, another long walk up a short canyon.
sure quiet up there, but then again I could see where someone drove in quite recently and cut down a few trees.
they totally got lucky with the one big quakie, it tipped into a couple of other trees and got hung up, that saved it from falling right in the middle of where their tire tracks stopped.
I don't know why they'd cut a quakie up there anyway, they could have filled a truck bed with downed tree trunks long before they got close to the ones they cut down.


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Well got wife's throat checked out. More tests on the future:rolleyes:. Stopped by harbor freight, took son to eyeglass appointment. Going to get his first set of glasses just before his 15th. Same age I got mine.
While I was up their I mailed my cousin some primed brass.
Then stopped by my brothers, helped him move his goat corral, and fix some of the other fence.Brought back some goat milk, as pay.
Just sitting here with a soda waiting for the kid to finish showering so I can get my turn,.....and the Alieve to kick in.
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Fiver .
That loose floater is a little unsettling to see . She spent her youth milking , got a wild heffer in the chute that didn't like the wash and caught her between a good and rail . So here fingers are hooked to one and the other was kept to to anchor muscles so she rotation and grip but no pivot . The accident was in 95' with pins screws and plates and the hardware was rejected in 01' . Third time it's been opened up . The arthritis doesn't bother her much but I suspect it will now more that the nerves aren't being abused so much .

We have kind of a joke , "She's in pretty bad shape . She's not bad for hit by a truck , stomped by a cow , and run down by a horse carriage ." I have to do a lot of the heavy lifting in the kitchen but otherwise all of that wreckage doesn't slow her down much . We berm mine , hunt , fish , knock about , camp out ......... All that normal 54 yr old raising grand daughters stuff . She has cut back to only sweeping Mon,Wed, and Friday from every day and only mops once a week . :)


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A post meant for yesterday...that I posted somewhere else, and moved it here this morning.

The Star lubesizer arrived today...the seller could have packed it better, but luckily no damage and nothing escaped out of the box through the hole in the side of the box that the lube pressure bolt must have punched.
Not much Lube was in it, but what was there was crusty and black. The spring loaded lube piston was difficult to remove, I splashed some kroil in there, that helped a little...adding more Heat helped a little more. I pushed out the old lube with some green stuff that Fryboy gave me 6+ years ago...the lube package was labeled "Saeco Green Plus".

The Star came with a Die labeled 311, my testing indicated a 94-3-3 alloy 314 bullet sized down to .3115
The punch that came with it appeared to be a nose punch, but it was stepped inside. When I pushed a GC style bullet (without a GC) nose first, the GC shank fit inside the Punch but didn't go all the way in to the step? so that's curious. I'll probably never use the Star for 30 cal bullets, so I guess it doesn't matter.

I then installed a 401 die that I swapped for some time back, and never used, but 40 cal is on my docket to cast, and I wanted to set this Star up for the NOE 403 160 RN. I had to drill out the lead shot from the top ports of the Die and add some new lead shot to the bottom ports. Luckily it ended up using the same adjust I use with the 403 die. I knew my 403 Die was made by Lathesmith...I then look at the 401 die I swapped for from a forum member, and I see it had the same marking as the 403 obviously lathesmith made it and the lube ports are in the same spot :)

I ordered a batch of Carnuba Red in solid sticks...I've decided that's what I want to use in this Star, for a certain purpose, where I need lubed pistol bullets to be bulk packed. I always liked it for pistol shooting, when I used it in the past.

Maybe I'll heat up the casting pot later in the week. weather is too nice today,,,and probably nice tomorrow too.

L Ross

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Ah, the sense of urgency that Fall entails. We are keeping ourselves so busy I haven't taken the time to share it all. Car shows,, motorcycle riding, finishing up the garden. I have an ELR .22 shoot Friday and Saturday in LaCrosse. I laid out one of my ranges in 5 yard increments from 50 to 225 yards to get super precise drop figures for my .22's. Here's a pretty accurate fact. Starting with a 50 yard zero you can add 2 tenths of a Mil staring at 60 and going all the way to about 150 for every 5 yard increase in range. After 150 you can see that closer to 3 tenths starts to be the norm.

I was doing good until I got to 170 and the wind just got to be too big of a nuisance. Falling leaves blowing diagonally across the range made for indicators, but the increase in group size made it counter productive. I'll finish up this morning.

While I was testing, a big grey squirrel kept running across the range, (3 trips), and reminded me I finally got the Lyman R25 tang sight mounted on my Model 25 Remington pump 25-20. So after a 135 mile motorcycle ride, featuring a ferry crossing of Lake Wisconsin and subsequent ice cream cone, I dragged out a paper target to get a zero at 25 yards for the Remington. Now here is an interesting little factoid. I have mounted tang sights on several vintage Winchester, Stevens, and now this little Remington. None of these tang sights have windage in them. Some how back in the day before computers and all of our modern manufacturing conveniences, the old gun makers got those tang mounting holes dead nuts straight. No tinkering driving the front sight for windage. Once again I had perfect windage on a freshly mounted sight. I shot 1 shot at 10 yards, bullseye! Moved to 25 yards and it took 3 the get elevation perfect. What a treat to get a perfect zero in 4 shots.

Calm out right now so I have to go finish the 180 to 225 for both .22's.


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Well, she's trying to Zoom for a women's study class, asking me all kinds of ? about logging in, etc. What? I don't zoom, tweet, twitter or FB. No idea! I don't remember HER passwords either! Went to Doc for annual phys. Gave me steroids, antibiotics for sinus problems. We'll see.
Never had Hatch chillis til last week, friend made some chip dip with them. Interesting.
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red needs a heater and if it's sticky after sizing just spray them with some rubbing alcohol.

here's a little tid bit most don't know.
Star sizers were originally used base first, and they used top punches.

now they are all pretty much used nose first and use a flat stem to push the bullet through.
now Lathesmith will make you a stepped stem for seating gas checks.
he does that so the stem only pushes on the outer edges of the check in an attempt to keep the edges square.
it sorta works, I ground the one he made me mostly flat leaving a very minor dimple in the center and like it a lot better now.

Jon you hear from FryBoy anymore?
I have only spoke to him twice since his cowpunching accident.
he seemed real broke up and almost ashamed to talk about it, then he flat disappeared.


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This Star came with a Alum plate and homemade (disassembled travel Iron with thermostat) heater...which should work better then the setup I used to use in the Pre-SL68B days. I've used C-Red, several sticks went through a Lyman 45, back in the day.

This could be a lathesmith punch, I guess? fits the description. If it don't work for me as is, if I ever use it for 30 cal (which is unlikely), I'll probably fill it with epoxy instead of grinding, I imagine I'd need the length, maybe?

I don't hear from Fryboy anymore.
I didn't even know about his cowpunching accident.
He and I did a lot of trading and hundreds of PM exchanges of random topics of things we had in common, which were numerous.

BUT, back in 2014, when I became a Mod at CB, that put him off. I tried to explain being a Mod is just like being a volunteer Police Reserve, which I was back in the 1990s. I knew he was very anti-establishment, but it turned out he was also very anti-authority, so when he heard I had been a Police Reserve, he cut ties and tactfully told me off for not mentioning it earlier in our friendship...I think maybe he told me some things he didn't want the Gobmint to know...which I'd never share with anyone, anyway ...but I suppose that's tough to know through "interweb only" conversations. I often think of him, and think about trying to contact him through, what was his main forum back in 2014, But I figure it's smartest to just let it be.


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Pickling the last of the row of beets today. Maybe 3 gallons in a 5 gallon bucket. Life's activities changes on my wifes days off.