Waht did you cast today?

Todd M

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I like the looks of it, looks like about a 200-220 grain? Who makes it, or is it a one off group buy that’s over and done. I have enough options for my 44 but it’s good lookin’
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Todd M

Craftsman of metals...always learning.
I’ve been using the lee 208 button nose wadcutter for plinking loads for a few years. They don’t carry much line but I don’t need much.


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The local gunshow is less than 2 weeks away. I am hankering to cast something. BUT, I disassembled my casting room (moved boxed items into another room), for the electrical panel replacement project, which is done now. I had plans to change (improve) things a bit, as I reassembled the room, but don't have a solid plan yet. Many other projects I should be doing, Sept is always my busy month, along with getting ready for the annual gunshow ...and I figure I can do this reassembly project after the snow falls...but as I said, " I am hankering to cast something."


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Well, not today, but it was Monday and I cast a bunch from Accurate Molds 35-130A and 31-100F which is my favorite mold for 32 Long & H&R.

Since I cast in an open shed I have to pick my casting days by the weather and I now have enough bullets cast and stored to get me through at least until next spring or summer.

I’ve been using Carnauba Red for over 10 years and as I was digging to the bottom of the 50 cal ammo can in which I store my lube, I found 2 sticks of LBT Blue and 2 sticks of GAR 50/50 along with several hundred 22 cal 55 grain jacketed bullets.

GAR had about the best prices for Saeco molds back in the mid-90’s and I can’t remember when they went out of business or when I bought this lube, but I know it was before 2005.

Forgetting that you have stuff is offset by the pleasure of the “new” discovery ;)

JonB - looking forward to seeing you at the Gun Show.


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160 grain. Excuse the type O in the title Rumble has not fully processed it so can not edit yet.
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