Who Were You?

Charles Graff

Moderator Emeritus
I started off as chargar over there. I had intended to make a contraction of my first and last names..CHARles GRAff, but I hit the wrong key and I ws stuck with it. Later there was another guy who went by Charger and folks confused us, so I had a name change to char-gar.

I registered over here when when this board started, under my legal name Charles Graff.
AKtinman on CB and S&W Forum. When I joined both in 2004 I was living in Alaska.
I don't post a lot, and wondered why some of the fellows I thought highly of disappeared from CB. Didn't know where they went. Now I do.
Don't mean to talk the other site down, but for a while it felt like any post I would make was going to be criticized - justly or not. So pretty much became inactive over there.
I'm enjoying it here!