Who Were You?


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Seems we have been getting a bunch of new members recently. Sure would be nice to know "who you were" over there, if you are so inclined. Many I recognize & some brought their old user names over with them so I know who they are.
Just a thought
Over "there" I was....not.


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Stonecrusher here, there and everywhere else!

Glad I saw this thread, there were a few I didn't recognize.
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462 over there (the only other forum I belong to, and, then, it's only to read the want ads).


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Good morning gentle people. It's Gar here and there. It's my name and I kinda like it.


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Thank you sir. I've got a bunch of those little buggers laying around the house, now if I could only get a few more of those darn Turkeys to lay down :^)


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There is a secret to cleaning all the turkeys. Until you convince yourself it's true you'll struggle with turkey's.

So what is that secret? It takes exactly the same thing to hit a turkey that it does the chickens. Exactly the same. It takes the correct grip, sight picture and trigger control. That works perfectly on the chickens and it works just as well on the turkeys. Bullets are pretty stupid and they have no idea if they are going 50 yards or 200.

Stop convincing yourself turkeys are hard because as long as you believe they are you'll struggle with them. They are no harder to hit than the chicken, just gotta do your part on all of them.


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just get that non ferrous metal vortex wiped off of them by a voo-doo priestess, and i's easier too.
I don't know what it is about the turkeys you walk up there and look at them and there they sit big as life then you walk back and the ground shrinkage sets in.
you know there is an 8" circle of steel just sitting there waiting for a boolit to knock it down, but somehow they waver around and get fuzzy.

it happens with real live turkeys too, I have clipped neck feathers off of about 20 of them with my rifle trying not to destroy the meat.
and you can all but forget a head shot at 50 yds with a deer rifle.
it's almost like they are too easy so we mentally make it hard or we relax and think we can just stuff the shot in there without focusing.


California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
Why try to change the facts.

In my case, it was due to my fear of Janet Reno.


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Elkins45 everywhere, even before I was registered on a single forum. It started as my eBay username in 1998.

It would just be Elkins (my last name) but that was already taken. I added the 45 because I was shooting a lot of 45acp at the time.


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Howdy, guys! Same name here as there. Nice to see some old troopers (sorry, Bret!) here that I missed there. Signed up a while ago and happy to see some real activity here.


California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
Howdy back at you, Nueces. I see an F-100 parked in the background -- are you sitting in one? Many years ago (though at times it seems like just last week), I spent a good amount of time in D-model cockpits performing weapons systems checks. Quit an aircraft, in its day.