Who Were You?


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Yessir, 462, that's me in an F-100D aircraft at Kelly AFB, about 1979. I started as a machinist and sheet metal guy, then spent time just as you did, cockpit team member on a 4 man loading crew. After UPT, I came back wearing a green bag. I'll always miss that life.

Thanks for the note.


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This my given name. I never registered at the other site although I spent plenty of time there, I'm not real talkative in a crowd.


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We've been building cutting edge traditional bows for way too long.I've had the sincerest privilege of shooting and hangin with the best of the best in the industry....yet,never joined any trad bow forums?

Grew up in the wood/cabinet biz....with a family dedicated since this country was founded...yet find typical WWing sites abrasive.

Did join in possibly the largest "machinist" site on the net....it was entertaining for awhile.

We also do knee drag,road racing motorcycle "stuff"...to the point that for a little over ten years,the only wheels I had were,two.Those discussion groups leaving me(think the term "scratcher" best describes where we're at) questioning,why bother joining?

This site is about the only one that has the perfect balance of knowledge,welcoming banter,metric tons of experience that this ole shopdawg has seen,just sayin.


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S Mac,
Thanks for the bump! Since this place is special to me I started this thread to keep track of who is who! Some very easy some not so much!.
Good to know that the "good migrating birds" seem to flock together :D


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Just to put it on the record - theperfessor over on CB, KeithB here. I definitely like it here.

Jeff H

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Since this was brought up again, I'll add that I am me here, there and everywhere.

I never posted much "over there" because it seemed I spent more time wording/rewording before posting to ensure that someone didn't perceive a "crack" to stick a finger into and make an issue out of something they knew no more about than just what was said.

I never posted much anywhere and pretty much stopped altogether several years ago for the same reason.

This is a good place - good people. I'm happy to see that so many of the good people I saw elsewhere have wandered this way and appreciate that I have been welcome as well.
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Tpr. Bret, then Bret 4207 to appease the cop haters...which didn't work by the way...