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last year, i got a husqvarna m46(1937) in 9.3x57. just recently gave her to my gunsmith to d&t, bend the bolt handle and a 2 position safety.

when he's done with it, i just loaded up 280gr fn gc( https://bullshop.weebly.com/-36-caliber-cast-bullets.html ) with 38.0gr of imr4895. the velocity is around(guesstimate) 1700-1800fps. i know i'll have to do some accuracy work, but i don't mind. if the 9.3x57 goes roughly 3" group at 100 yards then i'm done. it will be a close cover deer/black bear rifle.
IMG_20180601_175233 (2).jpgIMG_20180601_175357_2.jpgIMG_20180601_175524 (1).jpgIMG_20180707_143756.jpgIMG_20180707_143947.jpgIMG_20180711_155310.jpg
on the last picture...
the left cartridge is a 8x57 necked up to 9.3. the right cartridge is a fire formed (9.3x57)


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Neat rig and caliber. Those 280s ought to be real thumpers. Hope you get to play with it soon!