so waht ya doin today?


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Going through some more of Dad's stuff that didn't get moved yet ........ somebody slap me if it try to buy another press ..... I didn't look at model but I have a near new Pacific by Hornady in the box ......I still haven't found the Orange Crusher but maybe it's the Pacific I remember . Found an RCJR too . 2 scales , couple of tricklers , dip bowls , 3 moulds (how they got there i got no clue). Picked up a 3rd driver so one less trip to make for cars and have a trade pending for another haul truck so 2 less campers to haul too .


SE Kansas
Got em cast, coated, cooked, and sized.

BTW, it was raining outside today and didn't have any difficulty in getting good coverage on the bullets.
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Not just today, been casting off and on the last 3 days. Ended up with nearly 600 SC311-165rf, and spent the most time on a 2 cavity Lee 452-200 swc (#68), said enough at 1470 boolets. Got to get a 6 banger for that one, these will last quite a while though.


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started room-3 today.
it's empty and part of the floor is out.
I come upstairs for a break and looked outside and seen a nice sunny calm day.
I broke out the fishing poles, grabbed the tackle box and went down for some trout fishing at the lake.
they were biting pretty good, the wind wasn't too bad, plus the birds were having a good time over in the weeds by me so I hung out for a couple of hours.
the fish seemed pretty hungry, I actually reeled one little guy in without even hooking him, he had grabbed onto the bait and wouldn't let go.
then I got a nice 21-22" 3.5 or so lb nice bright silver one, it took me a minute to get him in since I was using the high 5 dollar bright pink pole today.
but I got him using the net and decided to keep him and try for another I put him on the stringer and tied the stringer to a rock and got him in the water in good time so he was in good shape.

I went back to fishing and was watching him swim around went my pole just about got jerked into the lake, it was a pretty feisty 16" fat little fish that put up more of a fight than the first one did.
I put the 16" fish back and tied a new rig on and went back about my business.
I decided I better check on the bigger fish since I hadn't heard him splash around for a bit when I looked over where he was there was nothing but the stringer laying there.
I had forgot to clip the hook closed.... LOL.
all I could do was pick the stringer up and put it away.

a little while later I caught another one about 18-19" long and went to grab the net and it was frozen to the rock I had laid it down on, I just about pulled myself over not expecting it to stay there.
I caught 3-4 more smaller 10-14" fish and decided to call it a day.

Kevin Stenberg

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Are those rainbows? Yes indeed it was a good fishing day.
This was my 7th day deer hunting. An have still to see ANYTHING. 2 days left. Thinking of going to zone 1 Monday.


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yeah trout.
I think the Bass lake has cooled down too much by now and they are all sitting down deep and being sluggish.
I'm pretty good at fishing slow, but I'm a lot better at sitting on the shore catching trout this time of year.
[plus the trout lake is 25 miles away not 50]

I have taken to doing quite a bit of late fall fishing the last couple of years, last year I stopped in December when my line started freezing up, but I was catching good 3-6lb fish clear up to the end.
today there was a lot of smaller fish making me think they done a fish dump,, [emptying out the hatchery] dropping them in here instead of dumping them in the lake they are working on like they normally do.

that's gonna be good for next spring, since these fish should be in the 14-16" range by the time the ice is off the lake come April or May.
if the weather holds clear for 2-3 days in a row and the wind isn't more that 5mph or so I will go on down and do some fishing.
this time of year it's generally in the high of low-mid 30's during the day so it's pretty comfortable without having to wear long johns or more than a flannel shirt if you stay in the sun.


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Haven't had it quite as good as fiver.

The mass shooting in Thousand Oaks was a very, very sad thing. Sheriff's Sergeant who was killed was working his last or next to his last shift before retiring. While in law enforcement I lost a friend (also a sergeant) in the line of duty, so this hits home with me.

Ventura County is burning in 3 different locations, one is making me squirm a bit. Nearly all the schools in East Ventura County have cancelled classes.

Speaking of squirming, had to pass another damn kidney stone last night. More painful than 3 of the previous 4, but thankfully only lasted a little over 2 hours.

Going to smoke another brisket tonight, as College Boy is coming home for the weekend. Plus, Mrs. smokeywolf said she didn't get her fill of the last one.
Weather folks have predicted a break in our East winds (driving the fires), so brisket has to be done between now and early Sunday morning when winds kick up again. SoCal being a tinderbox, I don't barbecue in windy conditions.


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Going to BBQ some baby back ribs, chicken, and Korean Bul-kogi for a small get-together. The weather is supposed to cooperate, and we don't have any wildfires hereabouts. We just have to worry about Little Rocket Man up north, and what foolishness he might get up to. Hopefully, none!


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It turned into a frozen tundra here. I don't much like it this early in the season.

I'm debating the merits of building a waste oil powered smelter/outdoor heater.


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A waste oil smelter would be an interesting concept. Certainly easy enough to find waste oil.

And yes, it is damn cold right now. Down to the teens overnight. With the wind it is not nice outside right now.


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If you can score the igniter module out of a steam cleaner it would be perfect for waste oil. Put a filter head in the supply line for a 20-micron spin-on filter. The whole trick to making it work is the constantly-firing, dual ignitors. The other thing that works is a drip system dripping oil onto a thick mat of wadded-up plaster lathe screen, and a small forced air supply coming in through a perforated pipe under the screen, all contained inside a firebox that the pot sits down in.


North Central Arkansas
They brine the roads, here in Arkansas. confused-face-smiley-emoticon.gif

Doesn't acomplish much, since most of our winter precip, starts off as rain. Turns into freezing rain, then snow on top of that. All the brine is washed away by then.:headbang:


St Lawrence river valley, NY
I'm not familiar with brining. Up here a lot of places have gone to straight salt with no sand in the mix. They plow and sand (salt) at the same time and then plow the salt and snow/ice off and lay down more salt and it all ends up inside you cars frame, rotting everything away. But hey! With bare roads we can all drive faster to get nowhere.


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up in north Dakota they put beet juice in their brine solution they do it so the darker juice can soak up some [feeble to none] sunlight.
good idea but meh.

we only get the brine for the first storm or two.
then they go to lava cinders, those are the same little rocks you have in your propane grill.
good traction in the snow, they get good traction on your windshield and front end's paint job too.
but we don't have too many tail-gaiters around here either.


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Ours has beet juice too. The residual sugars and such in the beet juice help lower the freezing point of water which is what the brine does anyway.