so waht ya doin today?


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1300 Lyman 452374s have been sitting in a coffee can, since 2012 when I sold the mould, so decided to lube all or them today. Now I have to re-fill the 4500's reservoir.

Rally Hess

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We are done using wood outside at our house. Built my wife some flower beds two summers ago out of treated 6x6 timbers. They are completly rotten now, and crumbling apart. Making plans now to replace them with blocks to match our retaining wall along our driveway. Wood is for fires!


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In the east, anytime wood contacts anything but dry air there is the chance for problems. The older style treated was much nicer for wet than the new stuff IME.

Rally Hess

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I agree Bret. Cedar and redwood are just about out of reach for the average income family. We have a 5/4 ornamental rough cedar siding on our house that was made at a local mill, but no longer in business. Bought a similar siding for one side of our attached garage when I turned it into living space. Half as thick and cracks from the sun! Our other three outbuildings are cement siding, and just about bullet proof. My wife likes the cedar on the house or it would be in the wood stove.


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Cement siding. We had that on our first house and the house I grew up in. Somehow, everyone thinks it's asbestos these days and get's all paniky about it. Great stuff, more should be used.


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I figured since today is Saturday I may as well get the mowing done, got an acre to do.

Damn weather. So there I am mowing away, hot, sunny, humid. Dark heavy, low clouds come in. I figured damn it's gonna rain before I can finish. :mad: Mowing away and not a drop, thunder and lightning to the north and east. Got about half the front and west side to do yet and the clouds are gone. I figure good I can finish, the temp dropped probably 12-15 degrees, good deal. And then it starts raining, pretty good rain too, so there I am riding around in bright sunshine and heavy rain, not a cloud overhead. :confused: Figured I would just keep mowing until the mower deck plugs up from the wet grass cause it was pretty tall. Deck didn't plug and I got'er did. Turn off the blades and high speed it back to the shed out back, just pulling in and the rain stops. :mad: Shut the doors and walk back to the house soaked. On the bright side it is now time for a couple of thick pork chops and baked root from Idaho. :)

That's all the excitement for my Saturday.


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Went to the deer lease today to bring back a feeder that wasn't working.
It was pretty warm (98), but the worst part was the 90% humidity.
Did get 26 MPG, on the highway, from my 2016 Chevy, extended cab, 4 wheel drive, Z71 pickup.


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Thinking next time I'm out shooting the old man's Win 94 needs to come along. Lots of NOE 165gr RD loads laying around.....
House repairs this Monday, Pressure wash house next Friday, Paint house following Monday! Very excited to be doing this. It's been a long time coming. Thankful to have the means to get this done before another long wet Oregon winter......


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Quite a Saturday, Rick. Think I'd plant deer & turkey food on 3/4 of that acre no mowing= jackpot. I mowed the back yard & stayed dry.:cool:

The cabine tree showed up. I foresee oodles of bullet hardness testing going down this evening, after the steaks are handled of course.


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Nope, 5.3 gasoline.
I'm amazed at the mileage you get these days for the power.
I've got the cold fusion intake and the custom exhaust and they say I've got like 380 HP.


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we run the 5.3 in the Tahoe also.
with a little tuning and some decent non mountain pass driving it will get 22-24 easy enough.
not bad for an engine with about 170-K miles and half clogged fuel injectors.

my [Dodge] 4 door 4 wd. Truck with the 4.7 will get up to the 24 range depending on the tires and the terrain, 22 is common enough, and about 20 is average.
the poor thing pulls a 6% grade for about 6 miles every time I take it anywhere and it's usually got about 900-1,000 lbs of stuff in the bed [or a 1000 lb. boat behind it] so I'm pretty okay with the 19-20 MPG.


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Rehab girlfriends can't understand why my heart rate dosen't go up when playing with their equipment...... wait,that sounded funny.

Left them,went to see the evil Dr, "you ain't dead yet"..... blankety blank,**%#@@$ cardiologist.

Then went to a very nice lawyer....yeah,go figure? Wife and I lost our last will.We write them when we travel on napkins and such.Hey,it's legal in some states..... check yours. Anyway,Mr "how can I take your $$" is helping us with something a little better than store brand paper products.A little wink N nod about making all 4 boys executors seems to be the ticket come probate time.... could see it in his eyes.

A hunting we shall go,cause it's now time to unleash some 7mm fury down by the ole riva.
LOL Ian. Under those beaver is my store! Not many snares made for this market, but there is usually around 700 dozen or so snares on the shelves and racks. I'm doing more contract trapping this year and not going on the road this year. The state, county, and township just keep calling me to do beaver work, and I have 6 flowages under rice contracts, so no shortage of work.
Here are a couple real nice ones Brad. Camera doesn't really do them justice. Suppose to be 450,000 hairs per square inch for our beaver here. These two are about as good as they get.
Leather side of copper colored one.