so waht ya doin today?


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Heard tell that Our Local Wegman's Super Market has a wine & beer section that is open! Think I'm going to chance a trip up there to do some serious shopping!


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I work in the agricultural business and my wife works in an industrial pharmacy that provides meds to nursing homes and adult care facilities. Both of our jobs are deemed essential. Lucky for us on that score.
I just pulled a few hundred .223/5.56 cases out of the wet tumble and are drying in the toaster oven now. These were swaged last night and will leave the oven and go through the annealing machine. I might start FL sizing tonight as well. REALLY not looking forward to trimming. It has gotten easier since I bought an adapter for my Forster case trimmer to use a cordless drill. Still a PITA.....


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How was my day?

I sent a text to my wife at one point telling her the Ramones were right.


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I put in my birthday order to Midway on the 12th. That weekend there had been a run and I got the "may be delayed" message. Stuff was here in three days like normal whan I select UPS ground. PV, Midway, and Midsouth all had Reloder 7 and plenty of primers and ammo then, too.


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he definitely don't wanna go to rock and roll high school.

well, crud we got the shut down order today here in Idaho.

unfortunately they closed the bars down so my kid will be here all day every day bugging the hell out of me.
and worse yet the wife works in a gas station so she ain't gonna get laid off and make more money than ever before on unemployment.
fortunately they okayed fishing and hunting as approved out door activities, unfortunately it also snowed about 2 more inches this afternoon and there's still close to 3' of ice on the lake.

hate March.


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Nice weather here but the oaks are all abloom and my allergies get worse every year. The shop zi work at is surrounded by live oaks older than the USA and the parking lots are literally ankle deep in leaves dropped just prior to the bloom. It rained off and on for the past two weeks so we're gonna have one heck of an acorn crop.


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Article in today's local paper. Last year the high school fired the football coach, this week the fired coach sued the school district (spelled tax payer) to get his job back including all back pay. I wonder how that will work out for him, his record while he was the high school coach was 1 win 29 loses. :rolleyes: Yes, I would like to be on that jury.


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Not much new hereabouts. Didn't go out to snag food today, stayed in house or garage--alternating between fighting with Social Security Administration over the phone, watching some good films, and uniforming some 223, 30-06, and 8 x 57 primer pockets. This last agenda item was the only pursuit even remotely character-building, though "1917" was pretty good. Finished up with a silly but enjoyable cartoon called "Early Man", and now calling it a night.

Snow flurries are forecast overnight and into early morning. March--in like a lion, out like a Lamborghini.


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Forecast is for 85, today, 80 tomorrow.............with no precipitation.

Bout time it's going to dry out. Afternoon, cocktails on the veranda. woohoo.gif


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I get email bulletins from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. ODF&W
They are going to quit posting their stocking schedule because it may cause crowds at the newly stocked lakes.
They are going to continue stocking.
What the hell? Do they think people will be fishing shoulder to shoulder?
On second thought, maybe some would..dale


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confused-face-smiley-emoticon.gifDo they even stock legal size fish? That'd be a new one on me. Most just stock fingerlings. Costs would be exorbitant to raise them to legal size.


Lessee here,

Conference and meeting in TX cancelled. Pastors agreed to reschedule for later in the year.

Today I report to Pastor on the church in Africa. Wife and I wound up on the last plane out of Lusaka before the Zambians closed the airport. I had considered staying through the Kung Flu outbreak as Africa has not been heavily infected. Spent three days figuring out how to scan in tax forms, worksheets, and downloading receipts and documents. Now the tax accountant in FL can complete my return. Celebrated the initial tax form completion with a wood-splitting and -stacking session in the backyard. Raked a bit, too, as Saturday's snow has melted and dried up, but too cool to set up the casting table outside. Nowhere for the wife and I to go out to eat, again, b/c Kung Flu panic. At least in Kabwe and Lusaka we could go out to eat. Full breakfast for the pair of us worked out to 200 Kwacha, or about twelve dollars in exchange.

Looks like we might need the wood after all. Rain and highs in the fifties for the next couple of days. Build just enough fire in the stove to take the chill off the place. Get it inside to dry out. Maybe next week at this time I'll have some pictures of new bullets. Need to sharpen the chainsaw and complete setup. After groceries this afternoon. At least the toilet paper run has subsided, and staples are again available.


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they will come dump brood stock in a couple of lakes around here.
when the big lake was drawn down and they couldn't get to it they dumped them in the irrigation reservoir.
that get's to be some exciting because the fish in there grow super fast anyway.
a 10" spring stocker will be 13-14"s by fall and 16 in the second spring, dropping a couple thousand 3lb fish in a lake that grows fish like that, produces 4-5lb. fish with regularity if they make it through a cycle.

the Big lake will produce larger fish because of it's size and diversity, but it is inordinately difficult to fish anywhere the fish like to hang out, and just getting a boat in can be an adventure all on it's own.