so waht ya doin today?


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Ian, if we read about you in the news going postal, we can start up a GoFundMe for Money, Guns and Lawyers! You are MUCH calmer about it than I would be. My wife woulda already duct taped me and left me somewhere!


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Just thought I mention it here as lots of traffic.
Buffalo Arms has 25-20 brass in stock as of 10 minutes ago.

I just burned down my Debit card on a half price deal on iced tea, and cold brewed coffee drinks.
good price on that brass too.


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no photos today, no big long story, just got one comment after this mornings PT appointment.

The PT tech had me walk without any aide (crutch/cane), she said I was doing real good, and I should be doing this at home. I asked her several times, how "much" should I be walking without any aide (crutch/cane)? I never got a direct answer. The indirect answer seems to be that I should be walking on it as much as I can take (pain/swelling). I didn't tell her I loaded a trailer load of logs yesterday...I still worry about my ability to handle some pain and fail to stop an activity until I finish it, instead of when I should have probably stopped prior, due to pain/swelling.


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so far today.
told Jax to shut up.
drank half a soda.
looked at the boys cable box which he insists he does nothing to, but managed to knock off the dresser twice while I was in there.
once by tangling the wires in his feet ripping the cables out of the back...
so nothing [unusual] by his standards.
told Jax to shut up.
told Jax to shut up again.
distributed some words of sarcasm across a few websites, and worked on that can of soda some more.

that pretty much covers the morning.


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I used a walker for about the first week. Then a cane for the second. No crutches, with either procedure. No staples, super glue and dissolving stitches. Swelling last over a's major trauma. Out patient PT was started after the second week. Had in home therapy, in the meantime, starting the first week.


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What am I doing today? Well, I'm waiting for tomorrow. In the morning Winelover is putting a rack of ribs in the smoker and I got an invite for tomorrow afternoon.

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So, doctor is fired. I don't know what I'm going to do but I do know it will not be with him. Hard not to get angry with docs when they appear too have no solution but the anger doesn't help any. Docs hit their limitation on what they know and can do too. Don't know what specialty handles cases like yours, appears to be time to find out. Still praying for you.
Still feeling kinda helpless, can't lift anything or do much but OK. Pain is there for a reason, stop when it gets bad. Pain meds can give relief but can also let you over extend.
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25 mo of push mowing and today we scored a 1972 like death trap riding mower . Cheap ...... everything bypassed or removed . 16 horse chassis 19 HP replacement .......
Something is amiss in the drive reduction but I think it's just belt wear . Little steering bug , I don't know if it's a lost stop or just something outta whack . I guess since it was less than the value of the engine I can work around the the defects .

John G

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Started off by checking my last batch of PC 44's, used Smokes Bacon Grease on some LEE 200 grain cast at about 8 BHN. Going to load these tomorrow for the 44 special at about a leisurely 600 fps.
After that dropped 2 trees at the cabin, came home with a trailer load of rounds. While getting coffee my BIL called asking if I could come over and look at his well which was not pumping. Took a spare capacitor with and changed it out, problem solved. Next went to town with some items I listed on Craigslist to meet with the prospective new owners. Made the sale and went to Safeway for groceries. Next Karyn and I went to Sunrise Bagel drive thru and ordered shakes and sandwiches. First time we have been "out" to eat since February.
Tomorrow going to load these 44 specials and cut more trees. Later BBQ and play cards with the neighbor.


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Thinking ahead to the day when the .45 Colt/.45 ACP Blackhawk is available to order, I cast 200 452460s.
I really like the bullet, but it'll give the Randall an occasional feeding hiccup. I quit shooting the bullet and converted a full three-pound coffee can of them into 452374s. Came close to selling the mould, too.
Wants wax and wane and here I am casting them again.


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I have started a collection of real turkey flight feathers for arrow fletching . I've found that the real are much quieter than synthetic from other sources .


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Finishing day 23 of trying not to die. May have good news, maybe worse, depends. Been keeping fat intake "up" at 10-15 grams per meal since Wednesday night (low amount but a HUGE dump of fat for me right now) and no evidence at all of greasy white stuff in the discharge since the big surge yesterday morning. Drain amount was less than half yesterday, 1/5 last night, 1/5 today. That is exactly what we have been hoping to see for two weeks since the hospital. Maybe, just maybe the leak has healed because all that's coming out is honey-colored tissue lymph, not thoraccic duct light yellow to milky stuff. The bad news is I have a terrible sinus headache, my lungs hurt a little (been coming on since yesterday), it hurts pretty bad to sneeze, and I have some upper left chest and arm pain, so the leak may have just moved somewhere worse. Or I might have an infection (no fever, though). If not better by tomorrow after I get up and move around a little I'm heading to the ER for X-rays and see if I have the dreaded and also extremely rare chylothrorax. Let's hope it's just me being sore from sleeping in awkward positions, the terrible air quality and allergens here at the moment, and spending too much time in an easy chair with my upper back bent too far forward. I have an appointment to get the tube out Tuesday if no further complications.


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Making little tin half lb Ingots today, on the stove, while the wife is away. But have to mow grass and go shopping a little later on. May work on the shed we will see. Need to get that done.
I plan on building a heavy bench out of 2x4s and putting my Casting, lubing, PC and Sizing stuff out there.
Ben praying for you a little more then usual last night and today. Asking for God's healing hands on what the surgeon could not take care of. Will not go any farther on this because of the rule here. But just letting g you know.
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Looks like I might be on the mend finally. I think it's a weird combination of bad allergies and massive upper body cramps having dislocated most of my middle ribs causing my shortness of breath, chest pain, neck pain, headaches, and oddly a lot of swelling. Alternated heating pad and accupressure mat all on the upper back all night, 1500 mG of Tylenol finally dulled the sinus headache. Woke up soaked in sweat about 4:00 AM and peed about a gallon, most of the inflammation had gone down and pain was much less. Gonna have to see the chiropractor to put me back together in a few weeks. Drain tube still hurts and upper back is sore, but chest doesn't feel as congested and I only drained 5 mL this morning so MAYBE this leak is really stopped.