so waht ya doin today?


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I have been to the range each of the last 3 days. Good times.

Thursday's visit was with the Savage Axis 243
Loaded with NOE 75gr FN, SL68B w/Gator GC, sized to .2455
Pushed with 15.5gr Alcan 9450 (similar to IMR4759 according to Jeff Bartlett)
this charge averages 1950 fps

I shot about 30 rounds (50 yds, offhand),
pretty much uneventful...except the 6th shoot :oops:
Check out the hole at 10 oclock
Savage 243 shooting with 75gr boolits 500px.jpg


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Also, when I bought this Axis, new at Cabela's.
Before I even shot it, I swapped the original plastic flimsy stock with a Boyds thumbhole laminated stock,
because of reviews of how the flimsy stock added to poor accuracy.

I have decided this gun is mighty heavy, especially if I were to ever get an opportunity to hunt Coyotes.
I think I will swap out the Boyds with the flimsy stock, and give it a try.


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Hauled our old mattress foundation to storage this morning. The only other person in the complex had parked in front of our unit and was rearranging his unit right next to ours. He immediately set about moving out of the way and we visited a little. Turns out his fiancée just kicked him out, his mother died two weeks ago in the nursing home, his Dad had died about a year ago, and he's been layed off from his security job for months due to the Wuhan flu, and no, he wasn't whining or being a victim, it was just the relevant conversation. He was combining two units and moving his stuff out of his ex's place. At least he still had a house in town. Nice fella, to, clean-cut and very polite, retired policeman of 30 years locally. We wished him well and hauled off a few things he didn't have room for (which went straight in our trash totes) just to do what we could to ease his stress.

Lots of good people suffering this year, makes me appreciate what I have all the more.
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Not today, but Thursday and Friday, I re-potted three rose trees, two roses, one sword fern, four rather large groupings of cymbidium orchids, and a succulent of some sort.
The old pots were pretty shabby looking and definitely didn't fit in with the new decking. One project begets another.
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Thursday and Friday got chopped up with doctoring and medical testing for both of us. The eye doctor & optician turned around my new glasses in under a day, after saying that it might take a week to ten days given the approaching holidays. NICE!

Today was Lazy Day, since most of the past week has been activity-filled and productive on so many fronts. I keep playing phone tag with Huntington Die Specialties in Oroville over the shell holder and neck expander spud for the 348 WCF. A lotta wasted motion over a $20 order, they need to join the rest of the 21st Century. It'll happen, sooner or later.


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Finishing up Winter quarters for my Cat Ranch! Got A good bale of Bedding straw today! Should keep them warm this winter.
Changed it up a bit from pervious years to make it less noticeable to the wife and nosey neighbors! I'm down to 14 head this year. Much of last years herd were males so they got the rude send off over the summer from the 3 prominent Males! A shame too becase two of them were fine aninmals worthy of a good home! Only had three Kittys placed in good homes this summer! Below average... due to the pandemic.
I usually place 6 to 8 per year!
I just love those little furry critters!


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winter sports have started, or will start soon.
luge, bobsled , and skiing have started, the Bi-Athlon and ski jumping stuff should be going here soon.
I enjoy the winter sports a lot more than the summer stuff.

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Artemis the goddess of the hunt has been giving me the cold shoulder since deer season ended.
Every time the wife or i were in my deer stand on our driveway we say at least 1 partridge. An one sit i had 6 individual birds walk past the blind. Most were under 10 yards away.
I cleared it with the wife to take just 2 birds for my Thanksgiving meal. So far i have sat 4 evenings and not 1 bird has been seen.
I guess its true. The best laid plans of man tend to fail


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Finally got around to checking leade clearances on several other 243 bullets this afternoon. I have a wide assortment of bullet makes and types on hand in 6mm, owing to past 243s that have gone on to serve others well.

I have 50 Starline 243 cases expanded and flared for some cast bullets, the RCBS 6mm-95-SP. I plan to stair-step these with 2400 at 12.0/12.5/13.0/13.5/14.0 grains. In the past velocities have run from 1600-1825 FPS in 22"-24" barrels. The Tikka has a 20" tube, we'll how these clock--if the conditions cooperate.


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Musing about the 6.5 Arisaka .
A little investigation says it's the equal of the 6.5 CM .
That's odd a 129 yr old cartridge that delivers now and did so then everything the new wonder cartridge does except have a standard .473 rim , fit in an AR , and pretty rifles .

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Been away from the forum with deer hunting and butchery.
Rick H. I am so sorry for your loss. We luckily survived that scare in 2012 and am truly saddened to hear you and your wife was not as blessed.
I will be doubly grateful tonight in my prayers.


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Wife took the coved test today.
I took one too just in case. She has been sick, but symptoms she has are not abnormal for her. She is always having issues with eye ear nose throat breathing.
Also had ex rays of her lungs done. And getting an MRI of her nasel passages.
So we will know either Wednesday or Friday.
Hope it's not coved , I just started going thru the steps for eye surgery. I have already put off getting my eyes fixed twice before, and I am running out of time on my right eye, for a one time fix, to save it.
Hate to be selfish but I have put off my health a lot, to wait for her to get better, with things that just popped up.I have things coming down to the wire with my own health, If I do not fix them, soon I will no longer be able to take care of her, like I should.
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Well My Wife went in today for her Heart CAT procedure ....She did really well except we needed to stay for an addition 5 hours for the bleeding to stop at the entrance wound! Ended up being a long day of waiting 7 hours!
She does have a slight blockage in the Central Artery.... but it did not warrant a stint! That was good ! CAT Lab DOC and Her Heart Doc feels confident it is fully treatable with medication!
They said in about two to 3 weeks when the wound fully heals and the new meds balance out her system she can go right back to playing tennis 3 days a week..... & she will love that ( so will I ;) )
So tonight her sprits are much brighter!

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Yesterday we butchered two deer. Today we ground 27 lbs. of burger and pumped it into 1lb. tube bags with a sausage stuffer. Then we canned 21 pints of venison.
Last thing we did was grind up 5 ice cream pails of fat and suet for the birds.

Kevin Stenberg

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The wife an I just put the fat out for the birds the way it comes off of the quarters. No complaint from them. We use an old round picnic table set on the porch high enough so we can easily see from any seated position in the L.R.
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I used to grind mine and melt it down to make cakes ... however I found like you, it last longer if you leave it as harvested! Birds do not complain in the winter! I hang it from long wires from tree braches this way squirrels fall off before getting to it!